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Character Reference: The Guard by Robot-Geisha Character Reference: The Guard by Robot-Geisha
Character Reference for :icontbos-oct:

Audition Story: [link]

Name: The Guard
Age: Unknown
Physical Description: 5'10. Wood colored hair and eyes. Not too pale or too tan. Not too thin or too plump. Average in every possible way.
Chosen by: Mudd
Gift description: Mudd has given the Guard's gloves the function 'to think.'

The Guard has little personality to speak of. Never in her life (however long it has been) has she been plagued by a single thought. Without thought, no personality could ever take hold. Now, however, her newly and randomly formed mind is filled to the brim with wonder! This snowballs dramatically as thoughts spill into more thoughts while she chases a thief. Her personality is only beginning to develop, though her interactions with Mudd have shown her to be somewhat of a firecracker already. How will she develop coming rounds? Only time will tell.

One issue the Guard will face is the newness of being a 'real' person; emotion and depth are brand new experiences for her. Now that she possesses a mind, she will rapidly begin to develop her own sense of self and conviction. She is a blank slate to be written upon. At this moment, nothing defines her; she is free and unbound, a blank page ready to be drawn upon by a crayon-wielding five year old! The obstacles she will face as she journeys through the Book of Stories will shape and alter her, but just how she will change is unknown. Will she become a paragon of good? A denizen of chaos? Or something else entirely?

The Guard has little history to speak of. Her life before she received the ability to think is meaningless; all she did was perform the same routine each and every day. She has never experienced anything close to life until now, mere minutes before she is tossed into the Book of Stories by Mudd. If she manages to survive, the Guard will surely write a history all her own, a history fit for a hero.

Being as unexceptional as she is, the Guard has no real powers to speak of. In fact, her only true ability is thought - something more powerful than any amount of weaponry or magic. As a combatant, the Guard fights with her fist. Mudd, however, has given her gloves the function of thought; at this moment, she is clueless as to how this gift is to be used. Still, she has deemed it will be in her best interest to think before she throws her punches.

I've developed this character from a separate story of mine where the world was created by two brothers who did not wish to die. Essentially, the world is simultaneously true and false, an eternal paradox. The world keeps the two brothers alive and is their safe haven from death. All inhabitants of this world are unthinking shadows, repeating the same tasks everyday. The main story is about the Thief who one day begins to think, and who plays a small cameo in the Guard's introduction story.
samuelskanvis Featured By Owner May 20, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cool, great work! And a really interesting concept for her too, will be cool to see how it develops :D
Robot-Geisha Featured By Owner May 20, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I'm so excited for this writing tournament. I really hope the judges select me to participate in it... I'll have to wait three weeks though. :[
samuelskanvis Featured By Owner May 21, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well good luck! :D
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